Pneumatic clutch-brake combined unit

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The clutch-brake combined unit consists of an air actuated multi-disks clutch (Mod. LPR002 Special) and a spring-applied caliper brake (Mod. PPB-N0003/08). This special pneumatic M.W.M. clutch and fail-safe brake unit is designed to drive and stop in emergency a circular saw of a wood machine.
When the pressure air is applied to the unit, the spring-applied caliper brake disengages and the pneumatic clutch engages the circular saw.
When the air is turned off, the pressure collapses and the caliper brake stops the circular saw while the clutch disengages the driven pulley connected to the motor.
The driven pulley is integral part of the clutch.
Its compact design combined with its high speed makes it ideal for many industrial applications: wood working machines, printing & packaging machinery, material handling, paper cutting machinery. conveyors, etc.

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